About Us

SHANTINIKETAN Speciality Rehabilitation Center is a non-profit, non-commercial voluntary organization rendering services to children with special needs in metro Atlanta and rural India where the need is yet to be uncovered and the needy are undeserved and regretfully undervalued. For the past 11 years SHANTINIKETAN has been providing Special education, Early Intervention, Speech therapy, Audiological evaluation, Psychological Testing&Assesment, Community based instruction, Yoga & Music, Early detection, Awareness programs and vocational training to those young hearts challenged with visual, hearing, or speech impairment or cursed by autism, cerebral palsy, and various other debilitating conditions. Currently we are operating in a permanent building with fully equipped intervention services.

SHANTINIKETAN is the first volunteer organization of its kind to provide the unique services in Nirmal, Dist, kondapur, village that still beholds the low financial, medical, and educational standards. According to our primary survey, there are at least 200 children with special needs in communities surrounding the SHANTINIKETAN alone, who deserve our services. Unfortunately, we have been able to serve only a fraction of it due to our extremely limited space and financial resources.

To continue our mission of spanning the wings of hope and reaching out more kids, along with a multidisciplinary team to provide the quality rehabilitation services to all types of special needs children. Since its inception SHANTINIKETAN has been kept alive solely by Mr. Pannela, founder, and his close allies. But today it has reached a milestone in its history where it can’t turn the page without additional support from great hearts and giving hands. Hence, we humbly urge your support to carry on the torch for a noble cause through your generous donation or any other resources at any level. Together we can make a difference in Rural Special Needs Children.

“Alone We Can Do Little, Together We Can Do More”
“ప్రార్థించే పెదవులకన్న పనిచేసే చేతులు మిన్న”
“సేవ చేయండి, చేయూత నివ్వండి”