Welcome to Shantiniketan

SHANTINIKETAN is a non-profit, non-commercial voluntary organization rendering services to children with special needs in rural India, Nirmal, Adilabad, where the need is yet to be uncovered and the needy are underserved and regretfully undervalued. For past 6 years SHANTINIKETAN has been providing the special education and vocational training to those young hearts challenged with visual, hearing, or speech impairment or cursed by autism, cerebral palsy, and various other debilitating conditions. Currently we are operating in a rented building with limited resources and inadequate physical space.

What we do

Special Education


Like all children, they differ from one another in ability, age, learning style, and personality, so as a special education teacher/Parent, based on student strength/Weakness

Welfare Projects


The part of the curriculum we are trying to develop various vocational activities for students with disabilities such as envelopmaking,Candle making, Book binding

Vision & Mission


To become the center of excellence in providing the training, education, and support services to the children with differently abled children to enhance their personal and social skills

Alone we can do little, Together we can do more

- Hellen Keller

New Building Work

Ongiong Projects